"True bliss, is the feel of decay. The feeling of death, of that last barrier of life, being welcomed is what He Who Waits Behind The Wall will achieve."

-High Priest of Zalgo.
Zalgo By Korazankrudo

Zalgo (also known as "The God of Decay," or "The One True Being") is a chaotic and destructive being of ambiguous origin. He is one of the greatest threats to Emperor Cleric and mankind as a whole. He is a malevolent god from the Under Realm, where his cult resides. He has taken a liking to the human race, and seeks to turn the whole of mankind into his followers via intimidation and destruction.

He cannot feel emotion. He cannot perform acts of kindness, and he most certainly cannot be truly defeated. The only ones who have thus far held him at bay are The First Pasta Platoon.