"Men. We are surrounded on all sides by an enemy we have almost no chance of beating. Half of our own has been assimilated. So, men, I ask you one thing… You feel lucky?"

-Commander Wolfen

One of the original creators of The Creepypasta Reserves. Commander Wolfen is the Champion and leader of The Pasta Army. A brilliant strategist, Wolfen has fought almost every enemy of The Emperor. He carries a large array of firearms, and is most comfortable using a carbon steel staff in melee. He is famous for confusing and slaughtering the majority of enemy forces. After his victory in the first battle against The Oppressors, he was awarded his own personal crest representing his intellect and cunnning.

Personality Edit

Wolfen is excitable and unpredictable. He is known to break into an almost psychotic and hysterical rage, and has also been seen meditating in his personal garden. He respects his troops, and tries to imprint his own tactician strategies in them. He has never been truly defeated (Excluding Mecha-Heron), making him arrogant and stubborn.

Fighting Style and Equipment Edit

Preferring to study a situation before charging in, Wolfen believes in the philosophy of "Think before you strike." Wolfen wields a standard AR-15, a S&W 500, Three layers of Kevlar, and is also armed with a storm bolter for medium range combat. He is protected by light armor. In battle Wolfen is infamous for the complete bewilderment of his enemy. When in close combat Wolfen swings his staff with precision, not letting up until the enemy is dead.

History Edit

Since childhood Wolfen has shown interest in strategy. He studied nonstop until asked by the Emperor to join the Militia. After 5 years of service, Wolfen became a Commander, shortly after he took part in several battles against The Oppresors. During a attack on the Pastarealm by invading Opressor forces, Wolfen was charged with leading a counter attack on a Oppressor base, also ordered to attack with the soldiers Krule and Legend. Together they decimated the enemy base. For achieving victory against all odds they were awarded the highest of honors. Wolfen's dream for a division of the Reserves to command was finally realized. After asking the Emperor, he was given control over the footsoldiers known as The Pasta Army.