The Platoon's current logo.

The 1st Pasta Platoon was the very first Squadron of the Creepy Reserves created. It consisted of Wolfen, Krule, and Thele.

Squad HistoryEdit

The squad was first formed when Emperor Cleric comissioned three top grading students of Pastarealm to defend against an invasion from The Oppresors. When first meeting, the three came to an immediate agreement to work together and eliminate the threat.

Wolfen was unanimously the leader of the group, being the most experienced in combat. Thele was set for reconnisanse and espionage, and Krule was a pure commando. The three easily defeated the Oppresors.

After this, they were regarded as heros througout the Realm, and became trainers, each recieving a specialty. Wolfen recieved Army recruits, Krule recieved Marines, and Thele got The Assassins Guild.

They are still called upon from time to time to deal with major threats, including Zalgo and Mecha-Heron.

The First also serves as the greatest line of attack and defense against enemies of The Emperor. This is due to the fact that in times of great strife, the best fighters of every divisions serving Emperor will join together in battle under the the banner of "The First Pasta Platoon."