"Blood is your currency, spend it wisely."

-Creed of The Pasta Marine.

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The Pasta Marines coat of arms.

Founded and lead by Primarch Krule. The Marines are Considered the most combat-focused and fanatic division of the Pasta Reserves, The Pasta Marines are the elite soldiers of every divisions of the The Reserves combined, although few in numbers the Marines mostly consist of heavily armored assualt troopers usually called apon to capture or defend anything the Reserves deem important.

Marines begin training immediately after enrollment. Training involves obsatcle courses, shooting practice, CQC, intelligence exams and logistic testing under stress. Marines are trained to embrace pain, one form of training forces Marines to crawl through a pool of pigs blood and intestines. Once training is complete Marines are outfitted to with several implants and stimulents to increase combat effectiveness.

History Edit

The Marines where founded from the succsess of "The Chronos Project." A experiment conducted by Primarch Krule to create an elite division of undefeatable super soldiers. After a outstanding success Emporer Cleric cleared Primarch Krule to use these soldiers in the war against The Oppresors. Deeming his project a success Primarch Krule named these elite troops "The Pasta Marines. Shortly after Emperor cleric ordered Krule to launch a attack on a Oppresser artillery position. The position was taken without a single Marine casualty. Awstruck by the victory, Emperor Cleric ordered Primarch Krule to "Mass produce" Marines. After intense recruitment and training efforts, the Marines forces grew in large numbers. Quickly becoming a key player in wars waged against the enemies of Emperor Cleric.