Crest of the Assassins Guild and the Ministry of intelligence.

The Assassins Guild Is by far the most stealthy of the Creepy Reserves. The Assassins Guild almost always fight with stealth, but also in open combat if needed. The guild also uses the guise of The Office of Intelligence. They function as the secret police of the Reserves, they also oversee the shadier operations of the Reserves. The standered equipment of guild members are as follows.

  • Two Combat Knives.
  • A tomahawk (and/or) carbon steel sword.
  • Two silenced pistols.
  • Ropedart used to Hang enemies.
  • Cyanide Darts.
  • A silenced Crossbow.
  • Flashbang Grenades.
  • A Garrote.

Training of the Assassins are obstacle training, freerunning, stealth training, and the final exam: The Leap of Faith. The Leap of Faith is, when being overpowered by combat on tall buildings, they jump off, landing in specially prepared elastic surfaces placed before the mission. Assassins never go alone, always in a groups of five or six. Assassins are trained to cooperate with eachother. Because of the brutal effectiveness of the Assassins Guild, The Office of Intelligence implants micro chips into guild member's brain, in case they decide to go rogue or betray the Emperor. These chips serve as a kill switch, causing the brain to shut down vital organs causing a quick death. But because most Assassins respect The Creed, going rogue has rarely happened.