An ex-Creepy Reserves scientist and cyborg (born Carl Francis Eisenberg), Calypso is proof of the old adage "the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend." He was driven over the edge by the slaughter of his family by Jeff the Killer. His goal in life is to capture and enslave all monsters (even good ones, like Furbearingbrick) in order to conquer the world. He once managed to capture Jeff himself, keeping him in a hellish suit of armor that drains the subject's strength, with the intention of breaking his spirit and eventually converting him into one of his loyal minions. However, Smiledog snuck through the security of Calypso's fortress and freed him.

Calypso has a loyal army of monsters-turned-cyborgs that obey his every whim, thier wills having been broken long ago by the supervillian.

Prior to his turning evil, he developed much of the force's most advanced anti-Zalgo tech and experimented with cybernetic weapon implants that he believed could be used to make super soldiers. It is this technology that he used to create his cyborg army and reconstruct his arm.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Calypso is a tall, thin, fair-skinned man with long, fiery-red hair which he keeps in a ponytail. His right arm and eye were lost while escaping from Jeff, and replaced with cybernetic implants. His good eye is bright green. He always carries an ornate cane tipped with a blue orb, which is in fact a device that can shoot a powerful arc of electricity (a weapon of his own invention.) He walks with a slight limp (also Jeff's doing.)
Eagle's Foot Cane

This looks similar to Calypso's "lightning cane."


"Soon. Soon there will be no more monsters, no more humans. Nothing but beautiful, flawless machines!!!"

"Finally you are staring to understand, boy. You finally realize that you are helpless this time. That you're in a situation you can't solve with brute force. And unless you submit to my will, things will get much...much...worse." *gives Jeff a jolt from his cane*